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Aug 5, 2022

Late drop this week FMBuffs, but the latest episode is here and it's a doozy. 
In an effort to re-live their ill-fated never-released Naked Gun special the FMB try Weird Al's 'UHF' on for size and have perhaps the driest, most mirthless conversation about any piece of media with the word "comedy" attached to...

Jul 28, 2022

The FMB fight back tears choking on the pillar of smoke the Russo brothers generated after setting fire to 200 million dollars of Netflix subscriber money with their big, loud, hopelessly unoriginal franchise 'starter' The Gray Man. 

Jul 20, 2022

Our hosts bid adieu to a true legend of film and television, James Caan, with a somber viewing of Norman Jewison's Rollerball. 

Each person grieves in their own personal way and in this case it manifests in our hosts with massive tangents into John Mctiernan's fledgling career, animator Richard Williams, and beating up...

Jul 13, 2022

After last week's Drebin-esque technical bungle. The FMB return with a continuation of their discussion of the Zucker-Abrams-Zucker triumvirate's stab at 'straight' filmmaking: 1986's Ruthless People.
The conversation has a particular wanderlust this episode as the boys manage to fill out their FMB bingo cards and still...

Jul 1, 2022

This week the FMB risk both blindness and vertigo by exposing themselves to Baz Luhrmann's exhausted, bloated and spangled attempt at capturing the life of an exhausted, bloated and spangled superstar, Elvis Presley.

next week: The Naked Gun series